Thursday, June 25, 2009

Caring for the Lands, Air and Waters of Earth

Do we see many leafs or a tree that grows taller?
Do we see many birds or a flock that flies freely?
Do we see many fishes or a school that swims faster?
Because everything is provided for our unity

When the lands, air and waters of Earth
Is important for the survival of all Humanity
Enriching lives with a new life as our rebirth
So we gratefully accept this as our responsibility

Caring for the blessings that we all have
Helps us know what must be learned
For a creation able to become trustworthy
A nourishing love that we must all yearn

A hope that must be given for the children
That Earth belongs to everyone in Humanity
Equally benefitting future generations to be born
A meaningful life when Earth is given our charity

Thursday, June 4, 2009

“everything is part of something”

the flower is part of the tree
the tree is part of the nature landscape
the nature landscape is part of Earth
the Earth is part of the Universe

so everything thereis in this world
has a purpose for a greater cause
even in our little part we are important
so our care may always reach everyone

even in our littleness we do our best
because this is for all the rest
a world that nurtures us all
so we do our part in our gratefulness

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What should we learn?

What should we learn?
Thoughts of gladness
From our hearts we yearn
Sharing our happiness

Reaching out to all others
Those who are in need
Giving our love to help
Lives we have to read

Because we are all students
A countless people to know
All Humanity our school
Where our love should go

Protecting Earth we must
For all children to care for
Keeping our nature healthy
Where all efforts be poured

The best knowledge to gain
Is from a heart of kindness
Accepting families with love
To live a life of gladness

What should we wish for?

What should we wish for?
So many things to yearn
What could benefit us all?
Love must truly return

Our hopes for a brighter future
All families must be happy
Our dreams for a better world
In peace that we can all see

Encouragement of the youth
Unto loving grown-ups they’ll be
Whose turn is to love the least
A happy life for everybody

A world of gladness and joys
Everything begins today
Of kindness that we share
A loving Humanity we pray

For what is truly important
Is understanding our kindness
Beneficial to all people
Wishes filled with happiness

Where is our family?

Where is our family?
So many people thereis
In our own family we begin
As a child we received a kiss

With our mom and dad
Who taught us as children
The meaning of love
Truly this is heaven-sent

Our brothers and sisters
Relationships with siblings
Filled with joys and laughter
Nourishing happy feelings

Our relatives as part of family
Building memories together
Love that is so meaningful
Moments to remember

Friends whom we meet
Sharing all our happiness
Part of one another’s life
Filled with much kindness

Then families become one
Uniting as a community
Different people in peace
In family love we’re free

Getting to know one another
Sharing our life in honesty
Concerned for all our needs
In service we’re trustworthy

Listening to one another’s life
Caring for everyone’s feelings
A loving people we admire
In oneness Humanity brings

How do we feel today?

How do we feel today?
Is important to know
What is in our heart
That happy feelings we sow

For feelings of contentment
Then we feel happy
This gladness we must share
Our hearts to be free

For feelings of distress
Then we feel sad
We find comfort from friends
A refuge we always had

For feelings of being offended
Then we feel hurt
We forgive but express wisdom
To say “sorry” we must all assert

For feelings of defending
Then we feel angry
What has to be done
So righteousness we may see

For feelings of fear
Then we feel afraid
Encouraging words we give
That strength may be made

We say “sorry” to ask for an apology
“I forgive you” to let go of hurts
“I need you” to ask for help
“I suggest” for betterment we’re alert

Whatever our feelings may be
Is that we always affirm
Our care for one another
Saying “I love you” we confirm

Who are we?

Who are we?
A question that may not be easy to answer
Where should we begin?
When there’s so much to consider

In giving attention to one another’s needs
Then we must be caring
In accepting our strengths and weaknesses
Then we must be understanding

In feeling the feelings of one another
Then we must be compassionate
In putting first one another’s needs
Then we must be considerate

In being appreciative of one another’s virtues
Then we must be respectful
In being happy for one another’s happiness
Then we must be joyful

In living in serenity and harmony
Then we must be peaceful
In being thankful for one another
Then we must be grateful

In sharing blessings with one another
Then we must be generous
In comforting one another
Then we must be courageous

In letting the least be given more care
Then we must be faithful
In looking forward for a more peaceful life
Then we must be hopeful

Because so many names there is
Amongst all people throughout Humanity
But in all virtues that we can do
There we found our true identity

And in all good deeds that we fulfill
We can say we are a loving people
Accepting one another as a family
Through love that we are all able